A finger tracing a curve. A hand moving towards my heart. A whisper saying something my ear cannot understand. A wave of warmth that falls on my body as if a blanket had just been laid upon me. Two arms raising my back. A tickling caress on my face, pitch dark as the night that is watching over me now.

Clothes that rustle. Conversations that stop, memories that fade away, images that vanish, chaos that crumbles.

Movement, life happening.

Eyes closed that find. Mind that disentangles. Emotions that do not recognise themselves. Duality that ceased.         .

A name.

And many other words. Words that could hurt, that could heal, that excite, that surprise, that make you smile, that make no sense. That maybe are not real words. Words that I understand and words that I don’t, but that I learnt.

Other words that I’m making up as I go. But the same meaning behind all of them.

And a name.

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