Love… What is love? Is the measure of love loss? Is the measure of love meaning? Is the measure of love pain? Is the measure of love pleasure? Is love any different from life? Are these two things a team? Maybe the same thing. They so often seem the same…

A dance. Solo or with a partner. As beautiful as one can imagine it, make it, stage it. As intense as the energy you put in it. As passionate as the moves You and I invent, combined. As unique as Me. As unique as Us. As unique as all of us, plus one. Not strictly making a whole, not strictly putting things together, not strictly different from non-love or non-life… Just a sense of togetherness that doesn’t change anything, but changes everything. Because change is an individual’s perception, temporal, and always relative. And so is isolation and everything else…perception, but not reality.

It’s a paradox.

You have to disappear to be present.

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