About Me

Born in 1993. Gemini. I’m a twin. I’m a lesbian. English is not my mother tongue, but I love it and wish I could master it. I’m afraid that this desire means I haven’t mastered any of the three I speak, the others being Spanish and Catalan. That doesn’t stop me from writing, though, which is just one of my many passions.

It was in 2015, after an intense summer, that I found myself needing poetry to process and express what I was feeling, unpacking, discovering, chasing. It was a lengthy epiphany. Although it doesn’t look like it here, I’m always writing. That moment opened the gate to something that to this day feels endless… and I hope it stays that way. Only that will make it possible to get further and deeper together into this mess that life and words can make.

Now, get comfortable. You are my guest here. ☕️

So you know, all the text is mine but most pictures are not.