A bit more (perfect)

«People were supposed to lift each other.»
To cheer up, to hug, to kiss,
to hold hands, to smile,
to lock eyes with their loved ones.
to keep the fire burning.

To melt the loneliness away,
to dry the pouring tears.
to provide shelter,
to help and comfort.
To give meaning
to the small
and big things
in life.

It wasn’t meant to be painful.
It wasn’t meant to be tragic.
It wasn’t meant to bring
regret, fear, anger, sorrow
horror and cries.
But it did.
«It wasn’t meant to be.»

But it was.
In a perfectly
imperfect way.
Simple and complex,
With a bit of everything.

It was meant to be.
Meant to be
a little better,

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