999 wishes

To spend my life looking at the moon.
To waste time counting stars.
To aspire to become a better someone.
To build dreams.
To wander looking for you.
To put everything in order.
To find the right place where to live my life.
To stumble upon a chosen family.
To feel whole, happy, relaxed and free. And loved.
And all that for what?
So that when I open my real eyes, when my voice grows strong enough and fears cannot blur my vision, I realise…
-that I love the sun -that I prefer to get to know someone’s wrinkles – that a judgemental me will never be “better” -that reality offers enough opportunities to thrive -that you would find me -that chaos is more beautiful -that I own the world I inhabit -that if you open the door there is someone standing on the other side -that self-analysis divides consciousness -and that emotions are the results of decisions, the ones we took and the ones we didn’t -that the only prison is the limits established by my body -that I have plenty for me and them.
That the struggle was unnecessary, but a lesson nonetheless.

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